mercredi 10 octobre 2012

Critique de Grand Format (v.a.:Oversized)

Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival Children’s Programs

4th Annual Cinema Circus

Mon film Grand Format(Oversized) a fait parti de la programmation du Martha's Vineyard Film Festival Children's Programs lors du 4Th Annual Cinema Circus à Chilmark, Massachusetts. Les films présentés à ce festival pour enfants sont aussi critiqués par les enfants. Voici la critique de mon film dans le journal Vineyard Gazette:

Some Short Takes on Some Short Films
Each week the folks at Cinema Circus show a series of short films on Wednesday evenings at the Chilmark Community Center. 
In a world with few certainties, the kid critic is the critic to trust. This week’s reviewers are Eli and Will Graff.

Oversized (Dir. Myriam Elda Arsenault / Canada / 2010 / 4 min.)
Eli Graff  (11 years old, Montclair, NJ): Oversized is a nice story about fate and how you can’t predict fate. In the film a young girl prepares to be tall like her dad but it doesn’t turn out like she plans. Moral: You cannot predict fate but maybe that’s okay. The animation in this film is really good and the idea is really unique and different.

Will Graff (8 years old, Montclair, NJ): Oversized is a movie about a little girl who wants to be as tall as her father but she turns out to be short. It had good animation, and was a pretty good story. I think kids four to seven years old would like this a lot.

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